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This Lua Wiki strives to be a great resource for Lua developers. It contains detailed information on the specification of Lua itself, its functions, and related projects.


The Lua logo.

You will notice that each article is separated into three main categories. The essentials section is the heart of the article. It contains all of the information about the topic. The samples section gives samples of the subject. With both the source code and the output, the samples section is very useful. The last section is the extra section. This is where extra information is kept. If it isn't completely necessary to know, then you'll find it in the extras section.

All the articles are written in a clear and concise manor. Nothing fancy, nothing too long. Articles are also tagged with categories. Feel free to comment on articles and give suggestions to the authors. These comments can ultimately make the Wiki much better!

Below you will find a nice list of helpful links to get you around the Wiki.